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“What an exceptional Physical Therapy clinic! I visited Cornerstone with acute low back pain. The muscles in my back were knotted up. Dr. John Cole introduced me to a procedure called dry needling, once reserved for the likes of professional athletes. Dr. Cole is a specialist in this technique. The process triggers a “twitch” in the affected muscle that effectively resets the muscle to a relaxed state. This reduces pain, pressure an enormous amount. Beaufort County residents are so lucky to have a specialist like Dr. Cole in our community. He can target muscles on any part of the body to provide lasting relief!”

“What a fantastic first-time PT experience! Everyone in the office is awesome and the collaborative environment exceptional. Special shout out to Andrew, Stephen, Shiloh and John who all got me moving again, pain free.”

“After my neck surgery, in October of 2018, which I had to have disc 5 removed and replaced with a fusion to 6 I thought I was golden because I only felt stiffness. Well the more activities I did the worse the stiffness got and then started the headaches. I am happy to say after only two weeks of working with Dr. Stallings I was able to go horse back riding, hiking in the mountains, and get back to a regular exercise routine when I went home for vacation with no headaches or pain. Before this experience I kept making excuses of how much time I did not have for physical therapy and I would be okay without it. But I was so very wrong and stand corrected. Dr. Stallings is so wonderful and accommodating, and his staff is amazing I cannot praise them enough!”

“I have been working with Dr. Cole for the past two weeks to fix an injury to my rotator cuff. He is really good at helping me understand the process and the expectations. He is great at explaining the therapies and why certain approaches are important to my improvement. My shoulder is already feeling much better and I only expect more progress. Their whole staff is patient-focused, welcoming, and friendly. Would recommend highly.”

“Wonderful therapists, especially Jessica Wallace who put me thru a great workout which I am currently continuing at home. I recommend Cornerstone at Seagrass, as I have been to other therapists for back problems and they are the best here.”

“I have just completed my second total knee replacement and am ready to get back to life with the much appreciated professional and personal help of Cornerstone Physical Therapy. From being barely able to bend my knee post surgery to flexing to over 130 degrees Cornerstone has been essential in my moving forward and getting back to being the tennis playing, hiking, dancing fool that I am. From the first visit through the tedious middle level of recovery they stood by me and helped me reach my goals. Through careful analysis of what it is I was doing in sessions and what I wanted to do when finished they made me feel comfortable via positive reinforcement, challenges and cajoling. A great environment helps us all recover quicker and in a better mind set. Each and every one that I was in contact with were at the top of their game and made sure that I understood what I was doing and the results of the actions and exercises. i cannot say enough about them. Professional. Personal. Successful”

“Exceptionally Superior to other Physical Therapy facilities I’ve experienced! I have had physical therapy numerous times in a variety of facilities and cities/states. None are the same. It absolutely makes a critical difference which one you choose. Cornerstone uniquely emphases “One on One” personal treatment and attention. I experienced no waiting when arriving on time for treatments. I was treated by David Stallings, PT, DPT (owner/Clinical Director) for an unusually lengthy vertigo (BPPV) issue prior to seeing him. His genuine, sincere compassion, gentle attentiveness coupled with his expertise in vertigo was, without question, a Godsend! He first did a very rare, professional thing…….He asked questions, but more importantly actually LISTENED to my answers and comments! Holy Cow! Who does that? He addressed my anxiety and fears regarding the vertigo treatment and then, with careful step by step explanations, proceeded with treatments. He was accessible and assuring that life would get better and IT QUICKLY DID! He also assured me that IF or when Vertigo reared it’s ugly head again, not to be anxious that he would be available and ready to help. Without hesitation I confidently recommend Cornerstone and highly suggest when your Doctor wants you to have therapy, that you specifically ask for Cornerstone! You will be so happy you did!”

“David was my therapist but I worked with Stephen and Andrew a few times and they are all amazing ! I cannot recommend the entire facility enough. It really is the best place in town for quality one on one care. It is hands on work and they encompass exercises with massage and many other different therapies and modalities to best suit your needs, wants and health to treat your injury or condition. I recommend them up and down to everyone I meet of all ages. Hands down the best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to. Great people, great treatment, great atmosphere and just the best most advanced care.”

“I recently completed a series of physical therapy sessions with Cornerstone. I worked with two therapists, Andrew and Stephen, to regain flexibility and strength after surgery on my right wrist. The exercises were very helpful, but more than that, they were demonstrated with clarity and kindness. Although no one ever wants to say they would be excited to return to PT for further care, I would not hesitate to recommend this location and it’s caring staff to any one in need of their service.”

“I just completed six weeks of physical therapy following a full knee replacement. This was at Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Wellness on the Seagrass property off SC 170 on Pearce Road. My PTs were Caitlin and Eunice, and they could not have been better. They were professional, knowledgeable, intent on helping me reach my goals and focused on treating the whole body, not just the knee. The experience was challenging for me with the initial limitations I had. Each session, however, increased my ability to free myself from the walker, then the cane. By continuing the exercises assigned at home, I was able to achieve everything we set out to do. I would like to commend this Cornerstone on Heather at reception who greeted us by name and helped book our schedules. It just added to the welcoming atmosphere. Note: Under current guidelines, all surfaces were cleaned and linens changed between use by clients, masks were required and gloves were provided and required. PTs also changed gloves between clients. I am sorry to have “graduated.” The time at Cornerstone flew by because of the good humor and camaraderie among the PTs which lightened the mood for those who were working out. Should I ever need another series of physical therapy or a refresher if I run into a challenge, I will call Cornerstone again. It’s the best!”

“Outstanding facility. After my shoulder surgery I did not think I would ever play tennis again, the pain was so bad. Jonathon, my therapist (with a great rescue dog that hangs out there all day!) did a great job to bring me along that I am now playing 3 sets a day!”

“My experience at Cornerstone was exemplary. I found the staff and particularly Jessica Wallace to be incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful about my injury. Jessica made sure that I received lots of feedback while I worked on exercises in the office and provided me with targeted homework assignments to further my recuperation between visits. She was incredibly flexible in providing me with routines to use while I was traveling so that I would continue to make progress even while on vacation. Jessica’s ability to reflect on what worked – and what didn’t work – during my rehabilitation was amazing. She thought through the mechanics of what was wrong – and helped me understand the issues so that I could have a better idea of the how and why I was having trouble. Despite Covid-19 interfering with my participation in the last couple of visits, I have made significant progress. Thank you!”

“Exceptional staff. Very personable and friendly.”

“Cornerstone PT provided an excellent program for my recovery with knee replacement surgery. Both Jessica and Steve are trained professionals and their one-on-one interactions and exercise regimen played a significant role in strengthening both my knee and leg. My thanks to David and his staff/ personnel for a pleasant (and demanding) workout experience!”

“This was my first PT experience. Caitlin was fun to work with and very friendly. She explained the reason for each exercise she gave me and encouraged me thru the process. Thanks for all your help!”

“I was rather leery about attending PT at Cornerstone only because I am very biased toward Optim Ortho., since I have had tremendous success there for two knee rehabs. However, when I walked into Cornerstone, I scanned the entire main therapy room on a comparison with Optim and was pleasantly surprised to see the varied “machines” and even rehab stairs, which I have not seen in other PT centers except for Optim. Generally, I found Cornerstone to be a very cohesive and inviting atmosphere, and EVERYONE there was very courteous and kind. My particular therapist was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and very kind. Overall, Cornerstone definitely deserves 5 stars, and I would not hesitate to return there, if needed of course.”

“I go to see Katherine (Kate) Caramante regularly for dry needling. She is fantastic and I recommend her to everyone! I wouldn’t be able to compete without her fixing all my issues!”

“Caitlin Fogerty was my therapist. She was awesome! I felt like I was her only patient… or at least her favorite. I be had the “opportunity” to work with physical therapists frequently and this was the first time I had one devoted only to me. It’s a great system!”

“I had the good fortune to go to Cornerstone PT at Sun City for rehab after a knee replacement. My therapist was Caitlin Fogarty. Caitlin was wonderful. She worked you hard but, was interested in not only your physical rehab but your entire well being. I really liked the one-on-one attention given by Cornerstone. Thank you Caitlin.”

“Great dry needling from Katherine (Kate) Caramante! She is the best at what she does. She takes her time to really help you. She is truly excellent! I recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

“I just finished 6 weeks of therapy with Caitlin being my primary therapist and Eunice my secondary. Awesome workout !!!! It was one on one and the environment was so friendly. There is a wonderful caring rapport between the therapists and their patients. Thank you for all you have done. I highly recommend this facility.”

“I have had 6 separate and lengthy PT events over the past 4 years. Andrew and the entire team at the Buckwalter location have been terrific. They are very professional and knowledgeable. AND, while putting you through the exercise activities, they create an atmosphere where times flies and your hour is over. Their care and concern for patient welfare is paramount. The chatter between each employee and their patients makes for such a comfortable environment. Every therapist you work with exhibit these wonderful traits.
This is a great place to get your body back to normal. An absolute 5 star practice.”

“In early February I had a total knee replacement. Based on positive recommendations from neighbors and friends, I chose to do my rehab at Cornerstone Physical Therapy. Jessica Wallace was the lead therapist and she designed an excellent plan to increase the strength and flexibility of the surgically repaired knee. Her plan was Successfully followed by all the staff members that I came in contact with.

As the therapy continued, the Covid 19 problem continued to become more serious. The staff and management of Cornerstone adjusted their protocols perfectly to keep a sense of safety in the facility. It seemed that each day a new protocol was adopted to make to make the facility even more safe. I was very impressed by their efforts in this regard. I strongly recommend Jessica and Cornerstone”

“I am an active 66 year-old. A few months ago, I started having pain in my right glute and hip flexor. Thankfully my primary care referred me to David Stallings at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, the same place my husband was successfully treated last year. Both my husband and I had excellent service here, beginning with Heather who worked hard to accommodate our schedules and always greeted us with a smile (yes, although the mask covered her mouth, I could see her smiling with her eyes 🙂 ) After a very thorough assessment, David identified the problem and areas of weakness I needed to work on. He assigned me to work with Eunice, one of his PTAs. First, unlike other places, I was able to stay with Eunice for all of my sessions. Eunice has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. She monitored me very closely and constantly challenged me by introducing new exercises as soon as she felt I’d mastered one. Today I “graduated” and am completely pain free! Eunice sent me home with a list of exercises to continue in order to ensure I remain pain free. I can’t express the gratitude I have for David and Eunice for giving me my life back! I also want to add that while I’m thrilled to have completed my sessions today, I’m also a little sad. Although I teasingly told Eunice that she was torturing me, I always had fun with her and actually looked forward to my sessions. David Stallings has a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable staff and has created a friendly, family type environment. If you are experiencing pain, THIS is the place you want to go!”

“I recently had surgery for two completely torn tendons near my elbow. Shortly thereafter I went to Cornerstone for therapy. Jessica Wallace evaluated my situation and designed and implemented a program for me. Jessica did a wonderful job–she was very professional, and actually made the rehab process enjoyable. I highly recommend Cornerstone and Jessica.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for your magic hands on my stiff neck. You did a great job and I enjoyed your company. Continued success.”

“Just completed six weeks of Therapy at Cornerstone with Jessica Wallace. She evaluated my condition set up exercises and continued to evaluate my progress making adjustments to my exercises to focus areas that needed more work. Very pleased with the results! Strength, flexibility and endurance have greatly improved! She and Cornerstone manage time very efficiently. I would highly recommend Jessica and Cornerstone!”

“Dr. David Stallings is an excellent physical therapist. I not only enjoyed, but benefited from his one-on-one approach in working with me as his patient. Dr. Stallings is very knowledgeable about his profession. His attention to individualized, personal care and details are second to none.”

“What a breath of fresh air! Very personal treatment and the staff makes physical therapy fun. I had a knee replacement and everyone was surprised at how quickly I progressed. This was due to my therapist and his staff. It was calming and not hurried, each patient is special. I recommend Cornerstone to everyone in need of physical therapy!”

“Following knee replacement surgery I experienced some complications. I was hospitalized on total bed rest for 6 weeks. By the time I could begin therapy, scar tissue had formed and I was barely able to move the knee. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy because they provided a one-to-one approach with treating patients.  The support and encouragement I received from the staff was incredible. They tailored my treatment and patiently until after just 6 weeks of therapy I had full range of motion! Their philosophy of one-to-one treatment is very different from the standardized gymnasium approach and it really works! I give complete credit for my recovery to these very professional and caring therapists. I highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone requiring physical therapy.”

“This past January I had rotator cuff surgery. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy and I am sure glad he did. Dr. David and staff worked with me to help meet my goals, especially to return to swimming. They were very flexible with my schedule and provided me with a exercises that I could do after my treatment was finished. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy to anyone. Their people really make a difference!”

“Knee surgery is no walk in the park, but having the best therapist makes the journey bearable. The minute I hobbled through the door, I felt at home. Dr. David Stallings and his professional staff worked with me one-to-one, which made a big difference! I am now back on the golf course! Thank you Cornerstone”

“Prior to utilizing Cornerstone Physical Therapy, I had experienced mixed results from various physical therapy clinics for multiple issues in my spine and knee over several years both up north and here in the Lowcountry. My surgeon recommended Cornerstone Physical Therapy. I was in a great deal of pain, and although I went with some trepidation, I was on the path to recovery with just the first session. Their hands on; one-to-one approach to therapy worked miracles for me, as it has for one of my friends whom I recommended.”

“I have had many therapy sessions in the past where the therapist would start me on an exercise, then leave me. Cornerstone does not apply therapy in this manner. They stay with you, encourage you to work hard, and praise you for a job well done. They made it a pleasure to work with them to achieve my goals. The staff is well educated, courteous, and caring. I’m happy to say that I am up and around an doing the things I enjoy without pain, thanks to Cornerstone!”

True One-to-One Physical Therapy